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Alloy Steel Tongue Drum

Alloy Steel Tongue Drum

Alloy Steel Tongue Drum

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Ever tried to find peace of mind with ancient Chinese melody?

Alloy Steel Tongue Drum is a musical sculpture to connect you with a thousand years of Chinese philosophy, culture & music. Soothe your mind with creative sound & dive into melody!

Great For Meditation:
The age-old Chinese melody is a pure gem for personal meditation or yoga practice. The music therapists recommend the drum to calm your mind & reduce anger or stress.

Modern Sound Technology:
Alloy Steel Tongue Drum features modern technology, advanced sound theory & innovative design. Use your creativity for artistic music anytime.

Nuisance-Free Sound Quality:
The water-based print surface of the Alloy Steel Tongue Drum & wear-resistant properties ensures anti-fading & crystal clear sound quality.

Hand-Made Drum For Instrumental Sessions:
Alloy Steel Tongue Drum made of Steel-Titanium alloy having excellent resonance vibration. Thus makes it a standard instrument for music learning, favorite among the teachers as well.

Alloy Steel Tongue Drum comes with a carry-bag for your travel convenience. Take the sticks, hit the drum & jump into the classical world of age-old melody.

Package Includes:
- 1x Alloy Steel Tongue Drum
- 1x pair of Mallets
- 1x set of picks


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