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Heatboxe - Premium Heating Lunchbox Blue 23750324-car-plug-blue
Heatboxe - Premium Heating Lunchbox
Heatboxe - Premium Heating Lunchbox Red 23750324-car-plug-red
Heatboxe - Premium Heating Lunchbox Orange 23750324-car-plug-orange
Heatboxe - Premium Heating Lunchbox
Heatboxe - Premium Heating Lunchbox Green 23750324-car-plug-green
Heatboxe - Premium Heating Lunchbox
Heatboxe - Premium Heating Lunchbox
Heatboxe - Premium Heating Lunchbox

Heatboxe - Premium Heating Lunchbox

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Hot Lunch On-The-Go

With the Heatboxe - Premium Heating Lunchbox you can enjoy hot food while on the road!

  • BEST PREMIUM ELECTRIC LUNCH BOX - Nothing can be compared to this electric heating lunch box! It uses PTC original constant temperature heating which results in perfect operation. This heating lunch box uses a more secure heat insulation with dual functions. You don't not need to worry too much about the heating time be because it depends on the food & indoor temperature.
  • STYLISH AND FASHIONABLE APPEARANCE - Quality is more better than quantity! That is why we designed this electric heating portable lunch box with food-grade PP plastic. This lunch box is totally nontoxic and healthy.It is of high quality temperature resistant and it's made of fragile material that is safe and reliable.
  • QUALITY AND EFFECTIVE USAGE - Say goodbye to all those unhealthy food periods. This portable electric lunch box is sure to provide you with only the best and healthy meals. This steam device is designed as a round cover which helps to keep your food fresh at all times. This heating box has a unique heating design and the temperature is more uniform which results in a more softer food.
  • EASY AND COMFORTABLE USAGE - This stylish and easy to use heating lunch box serves as the perfect aid for you to store food,vegetable,soup and other food. This heating lunch box is suitable for people who are too busy working for a long time daily.The design of recycle heating in low power keeps the food warm and fresh. Switch on the power,the power indicator lights on indicating that the lunch box began to heat up.
  • Portable. It is very convenient to take your meal with you. And the waterproof design of the plug port can keep it from the water while not heating, very safe

Package Includes:

1 x Heatboxe - Premium Heating Lunchbox

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