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Rasp Chisel Drill Bits
Rasp Chisel Drill Bits
Rasp Chisel Drill Bits
Rasp Chisel Drill Bits
Rasp Chisel Drill Bits Silver 24356789-silver1-5pcs

Rasp Chisel Drill Bits

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Are you looking for rasp chisel bits for your drill?

The processing efficiency of these Rasp Chisel Drill Bits is several times higher than a file, nearly ten times higher than small wheel stalk.

These Rasp Chisel Drill Bits will be an excellent tool for sculptors. It is perfect for the low hardness of the workpiece, such as softwood and plastic. In a significant part of the work, it can replace the small petiole wheel and no dust pollution.

  • High-Quality: It made of #45 high-speed steel and high-carbon steel material that is ensuring its sharper and durable.
  • Includes 5 Shapes: It comes in shapes; Ball, Oval, Cylinder, Large, and Small cone.
  • High Productivity: This Rasp Chisel Drill bit has a rotary burr- processing efficiency than the manual file to improve time.
  • Multi-function: It used for polishing, grinding, shaping, and burnishing wood, plastics, and rubber surfaces.
  • Specifications:


    • Material: High carbon steel
    • Finishing: Titanium
    • Shank Diameter: 6.35 mm
    • Material: 45# Steel
    • Shank diameter: 6mm

    Package Included:
    - 5 pcs x Rasp Chisel Drill Bits  

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